Dr. Nordhagen

Professor of Polar Archeology


STR : 9 …. DEX : 10 …. INT : 14 .... Idea : 70 …. CON : 10 .... APP : 11

POW : 15 .... Luck : 75 …. SIZ : 9 .... SAN : 75 .... EDU : 21 .... Know : 105

Damage Bonus : None HP : 10 MP : 15

Proficient with Rifle (42%), usually carrys either a .32 Revolver, or an Ice Axe.

Well schooled in archeology and natural history, with minor studies in geology and chemistry. The professor is working on techniques for using photography for recording in polar conditions, and is very knowledgable in the skill. He has good knowledge of polar survival, altho he certainly is not an expert.

He speaks Norwegian as a primary language, and is equally fluent (approx 40%) in English, German, and Russian.


Professor Mikkail Ivar Nordhagen was born in Vardo, Norway, in 1892 (45 yrs old)

The fishing village of Vardo saw more than its fair share of Arctic ice, and from a young age, Mikkail had a desire to explore it. Unfortunately, he was born just too late for the “Heroic Age of Exploration”, and had to settle for studying about the ice, rather than exploring it. He took part in the 1929 BANZARE expedition, but became disillusioned when he felt there was little chance to going on the ice. The following year, he accepted an offer from a friend, Adolph Hoel, and took a position teaching at the newly formed Norsk Polarinstitutt in Tromso. Upon hearing of the planned Starkweather – Moore Expedition, he petitioned for a leave of absence from the Polarinstitutt. Having it granted, he has made application (and been accepted) to join the grand adventure.

Mikkail is a somewhat typical “scholar” to all appearances. He wears glasses for nearsighteness, but aside from that is of average physical ability. The only distinguishing bits of his wardrobe would be 2 pieces of jewelry that he wears. The first is a small lapel pin, it is golden sun cross on a red backround. The second is a small scrimshawed tube-bead, capped by 2 thin, round black stones. This is on a sturdy thin cord around his neck. Casual inspection reveals the scrimshaw to be some primitive form of a human figure. It does not appear to be exceptionally old, perhaps no older than the professor himself …

Dr. Nordhagen

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