Paul Danforth

34; American; Brilliant graduate student of biology and pilot for the 1930-31


Paul Danforth was a Boston native, a brilliant and arrogant graduate student who was part of the 1930-31 Miskatonic Expedition as a pilot and biologist. He and Professor William Dyer were the only two to take a plane and make an aerial survey of the Miskatonic Mountains. He returned in need of psychiatric help.

Arthur McTighe indicated that Danforth spent the trip through the pack ice screaming, moaning, swearing in different languages. After returning to Massachusetts, Danforth went into a rest home. Approximately six months before the story begins, Danforth was released with a clean bill of physical and mental health.

News of new Antarctic Expeditions spurred him to desperate action. Fearful that these new groups would unleash the terror that he and Dyer had glimpsed, he took action to try and dissuade them. When it became clear they wouldn’t listen, he assumed the identity of Kyle Williams and joined the Lexington expedition as a pilot. Through acts of Sabotage, he’s worked to derail both the Lexington and Starkweather-Moore Expeditions. Although he was captured, the damage he’s done may have doomed all of the expeditions to an icy grave…

Paul Danforth

Beyond the Mountains of Madness aethan