Arthur McTighe

36; American; Radio-Operator for the 1930-31 Expedition; Radio Personality out of Kingsport Head


Arthur McTighe is an easy-mannered, pleasant-voiced fellow who now works out of a radio station in Kingsport Head. He was the radio operator for the Miskatonic Expedition of 1930-31. When asked about the Expedition, he turned serious.

He indicated that Dyer had referred to the Miskatonic Mountains as “the Mountains of Madness”. He described them as unnatural daggers or needles of rock and said that they felt…evil.

When questioned about Danforth, he was even more agitated. He indicated that Danforth had gone pretty insane after he and Dyer had flown to the Miskatonic Range to make an aerial survey. He let the Investigators know that Danforth had been taken to a rest home. “He needed lots of rest.”

He was able to point the Investigators towards his radio log in the Miskatonic University library.

Arthur McTighe

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