Tanj Dezense

A rather short man less then 5 ft' tall, roughly 30 years old. Military style short hair, dark skinned, clean shaven. Dressed in an old military tunic and pants. Walks with a martial gait.


STR 11, Con 15, Size 8, Dex 12, Appearance 5, San 45, Int 14, Pow 11, Edu 18, Idea 70, Luck 55, Know 90, DMB 0, HP 13, Magic 11.

4’10” 105 lbs. Dark Hair and eyes, Coffee brown skin.

Kukri, Webley Revolver, Enfield 303


Retired after serving 10 years in her Majesty’s army, he became a guide in the Himalayas, working with traveling explorers and academics. Has been involved in several expeditions in the Himalayas with practical experience taking care of people who lead a less active life style. Through first hand knowledge has learned to treat a few of the normal injuries involved in surviving in the cold mountains. Working with sprains, broken bones, treating frostbite. Is very proficient in climbing and navigating with some practical use of handling dog sleds, fixing and operating heavy machinary.

Tanj Dezense

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