Campaign of the Month: July 2008

Beyond the Mountains of Madness

Chapter 9: Balance of Power, Part 1

Everyone was awoken in the early morning hours of December 1. Three planes flew overhead, circled, and landed. The markings on the fuselage of each were unmistakable: the Germans had arrived.

Junkers JU-52/3m, much like those used by the Barsmeier-Falken Expedition

On behalf of the Barsmeier-Falken Expedition, Herr Doctor Josef Meyer greeted his American counterparts. He expressed the hope that all of the expeditions would be able to work together towards goals of scientific discovery and international cooperation. The horrors of the Great War still fresh enough in their minds, Roylott and Morgan were nto entirely welcoming to the newcomers. Others, such as Dr. Carrington, Professor Nordhagen and Tanj Desenze settled into matters easily enough, and Buffington still felt that the possible threat of living Elder Things far outweighed the danger from a bunch of foreigners.

Doctor Meyer suggested that, since the Germans were operating on Greenwich Mean time and the Americans were using time based off of that for their ships, that they split the days into 12 hour shifts. While the Germans were sleeping, the Americans would work, and while the Americans were sleeping, the Germans would work. This caused great concern among those who felt uncomfortable with the Germans being there at all. As the Germans went to sleep, the Investigators decided that, before the Germans got up and started their day, they should get a look at Lake’s fossil cave…



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