Campaign of the Month: July 2008

Beyond the Mountains of Madness

Chapter 12: Return to Lake Camp

On the flight back, Acacia Lexington spoke with the others about her concerns. Everyone agreed that, for the good of humanity, no more expedition should be encouraged to come to the City of the Elder Things. Acacia agreed to take more photographs, carefully orchestrated to make it look like there’s nothing of interest between the Miskatonic Mountains and the Western Range. The others agreed to talk to their expedition, to get them to keep quiet about what happened on the ice.

The group returned to the Starkweather-Moore camp at the City of the Elder Things. It was clear that the earthquakes they had felt at the Black Tower had been felt immensely here. Many buildings had collapsed and crumbled, but they were able to put the plane down on the plateau. Acacia gently broke the news to Professor Moore, and he was clearly devastated by news of Captain Starkweather’s death. Their long, strange friendship was at a tragic end.

Halperin was eager to get the Belle back into the air to go and kill the Germans, but the Investigators subdued him and tied him up.

Just as one madman was subdued, another one escaped. Danforth, having wriggled free of his bonds, escaped from the camp. He was pursued, but something with tenatacles got ahold of him. Whether a rogue shoggoth got him or one under the command of the Elder Things carried him off to be fodder for the Wall of Skulls, no one could guess. With the human presence in the Antarctic dwindled, Buffington piloted the Belle towards windy Dyer Pass, his excellent piloting skills allowing the group to make it over in the rough buffering of the constantly howling gale.

As they flew over Lake’s Camp, they could see that the earthquake had done plenty of damage here, too. Fearful that the survivors would rush the far-too-small Belle, they decided to continue on their way, much to the dismay of those from the camp signalling them for help…



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