Campaign of the Month: July 2008

Beyond the Mountains of Madness

Chapter 11: To the Dark Tower, Part 2

A rather bored Buffington Meyer made his way into the tower, concerned for his friends. He had just arrived on the level with the jungle in time to hear yelling and a frantic whistling or piping noise. Acacia Lexington, Dr. Johann Meyer, Tanj Dezense, and Dr. Walter Carrington came crashing out of the jungle, followed shortly thereafter by Valentine Roylott, Allan Q. Morgan, and Albert Priestley. They were pursued closely by a shoggoth…smaller than the one they met in the tunnels under the city, but big enough to consume them all. Luckily, they were able to flee down the ramp, and the creature stopped at the top, returning to the “Wall of Skulls”.

Valentine, no longer, seemingly mad, explained what he’d experienced as best he could. He’d been part of the Construct that the crystals and plants and tower were all part of. He now understood that the Tower was essentially the controls for a trap set for a God. The Elder things had captured something immensely powerful and malevolent…something that must not be allowed to get free. Horribly, he knew that removing Starkweather’s head had begun the process of the tower’s failing. If they didn’t replace the head with a fresh, living one, the Unknown God would break free, which would surely mean the end of the world.

While the Investigators tried to absorb and process this information, (not to mention a brief, horrible discussion of who would be sacrificed to take care of the tower,) a hideous piping noise, like two creatures in discussion, came from above them, coming down the ramp. Dr. Carrington tried to use one of the Elder Signs they had recovered to stop them from emerging through a doorway, but it turned out to be two Elder things, armed with serrated weapons like knives or swords, who attacked from the top of the ramp. The Elder Signs, their own creation, were unable to stop them. Roylott fired his gun at them and did some significant damage to the larger of the two, causing them both to retreat.

Dr. Meyer was seeming more and more irrational, and the Investigators were unwilling to give up one of their own to make the repairs to the Wall of Skulls. Dr. Meyer ended up shot in the leg and dragged, semi-conscious, to the Vat Room. There, the vat shoggoth emerged, consuming Meyer’s flesh and bones, depositing hish ead and nervous system into a basket. When they carried the grisly package upstairs, they were astonished to find that the shoggoth not only let them pass…it actually protected them from the furious Elder Things. The repairs made, the Investigators fled the tower.

On the way back to the planes, the PCs found more evidence of the strange black stones. Valentine suddenly remembered his locator stone. These stories seemed to be cold, but they caused the locator stone to get very hot indeed. His strange insight suggested to him that these black stones were linked to the Unknown God in some way…almost as seeds.

Back at the planes, they found only the Belle andDouglas Halperin, wounded and rather cracked, ranting about how and Rucker had tried to hypnotize him, as they had turned into Elder Things. They had stolen the Weddell and made off with it, and the Investigators traveled in great haste to catch them…

To be continued…



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